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If you are new to Cincinnati, Ohio and looking for a great way to explore the area then consider hiking. The Queen City has some of the best hikes in all of Ohio and there is something for everyone. Whether you enjoy climbing steep mountains or gentle hillsides, we have a hike that will suit your needs. Here are three of our favorite places to go hiking this summer.

Our Favorite Trails in Cincinnati, OH

The Ohio River Trail

This trail is perfect for those who want to get a little bit of exercise and see some of the best views in Cincinnati. The best part about the Ohio River Trail is that it intersects with other trails, so you have plenty of options. This makes for a perfect hike if you want to explore and make your way back on whichever route suits your fancy.

This trail starts at Sawyer Point in Downtown Cincinnati and heads north towards Devou Park, where it meets up with Pogue’s Run Trail. It will take you by beautiful views of the Ohio River and through parts of Mt. Auburn, Northside as well as Downtown Cincinnati before returning to Sawyer Point.

Eden Park

This is a 90-acre public park in the heart of Cincinnati. And it’s home to the famous Krohn Conservatory. This picturesque spot offers visitors an escape into different ecosystems with thousands of plants from around the world. If you’re looking for a quick hike with minimal effort, then head over to this park and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Located just northeast of downtown Cincinnati, this beautiful natural space runs across 50 acres and features 650 feet of shoreline.

Mt. Adams

Higher than Eden Park, but also more challenging, Mt Adams offers breathtaking views that are well worth the climb.

You can also find some of Cincinnati’s best hiking trails here. So if you’re looking for something a little more intense, head over to this location and tackle the incline.

Hanging Rock Reserve Park

This is a 120-acre preserve located on the edge of Cincinnati, just outside of Loveland. It’s been called one of the best places to see wildlife in Ohio and offers visitors over five miles of trails for hiking or mountain biking. The park also features open space areas with picnic tables, a fishing pond and two playgrounds.

If you’re looking for more of an adventure, then take the kids on this hike to enjoy some amazing views from above Cincinnati.

How to Prepare to Hike in Cincinnati

  • Bring your own water, snacks, and sunscreen
  • Pick the right gear for where you’re hiking
  • Be aware of any specific dangers in that area to avoid injury or harm
  • Pack a trail map so you don’t get lost

The best way to prepare for a hike is by doing some research beforehand so you know what to expect.

You want to make sure you’re wearing appropriate shoes for what kind of terrain you’ll be hiking on- if it’s a rocky area with no shade then bring your hiking shoes but if there is some grass or softer surfaces, wear running shoes instead.

And don’t forget to have fun!

Of course, hiking isn’t the only family-friendly attraction in Cincinnati, Ohio! Check out our next post to find activities that everyone will enjoy!


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