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Deck Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH


Decks are popular hangouts for most families, but only when the area is clean and in good shape. The Curb Appeal Pros are experts in pressure washing and can transform a drab-looking place effortlessly.

We have served many customers in Cincinnati over the years and continue to put a smile on the face of every client we serve. As a family-owned business, we understand that reliability, efficiency, and trust are the cornerstones of any successful company.

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Deck Staining in Cincinnati, Ohio – Why Hire a Pro?

Accumulated pollen, dust, moisture, and pollution particles make your patio look shabby. These particles can be a source of allergies, too, providing the perfect conditions for mold growth and other substances.

The UV rays of the sun may also change the color of the wood, making it look old or neglected. Exposure to other elements and the accumulation of dirt damage it further.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

You can do this job yourself, but it could take a huge chunk of your precious time to research the proper techniques, tools, and brands. Plus, without experience in the trade, you could be left having to redo the entire staining job and spending more time than necessary on this.

If you’re looking to check this task off of your to-do list without the hassle of researching and buying the needed equipment, call us and we’ll get started as soon as possible and have this done for you in no time. We come with over 15 years in the industry and are prepared with all necessary tools for a job well done.

If your outdoor space is already in bad shape, do not worry. The Curb Appeal Pros can remove all contaminants and spruce up the whole place. Call us for the best deck staining in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you are planning to stain your deck, you are going to require expert pressure washing services so that annoying particles don’t remain fixed under the stain. For the material to adhere correctly to the entire surface, you will need an immaculate surface that is void of any dirt.

Do not hesitate to call us even on short notice. If you have a wooden porch, you will need regular cleaning to increase its lifespan.

We do more than eliminate dirt from your patio, though. Our long-term clients have several reasons they prefer working with us, including:

  • Our cleaning services expand the longevity of your wood patio by removing dirt particles, mildew, and other harmful substances.
  • We can stop stains from destroying the appeal of your patio.
  • We will secure your porch and stairs.
  • We will remove spiderwebs and other harmful insects from your deck and patio.
  • We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our services and serve our clients better.

Deck Restoration in Hamilton County, OH

1. Pre-Treatment

Algaecide application kills & destroys algae and mildew

2. Cleaning Process

Our revolutionary pressure cleaning removes algae and mildew from your outdoor space and leaving it looking like new

3. Post-Treatment

Prevents algae & mildew from growing back on your porch, patio or sidewalk

4. Deck Staining

Our team will add the stain of your choice to keep your porch looking beautiful for years to come.

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Deck Staining, Cleaning, Restoration, & Renewal!

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Deck Cleaning

Our team at The Curb Appeal Pros uses the most modern pressure-washing machines. Our washing equipment enables us to control the level of pressure that we use to clean your patio. Our professionals are able to do a thorough job while maintaining the quality of your wood.

Non-toxic detergents play an integral role in all our cleaning projects, especially those that can’t be handled by pressure washing. We select our soaps to ensure that dangerous or harmful chemicals do not affect the health of your pets or family.

After we have done our job, your porch will have a new and appealing aesthetic, as well as be safe to use.

Do you want a more comfortable and inviting patio? Then contact us for a free estimate for our deck washing services. We are the top pressure washing experts in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Highly recommend The Curb Appeal Pros!! We called on a weekend and Austin actually came by on a Sunday to review what we needed done. They got us in quickly (Wednesday), cleaned the gutters, flushed the drain pipes, cleaned and treated the roof, and power washed the house. Very professional and did great work.

Lisa Bowling

Happy Customer

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4 Benefits of Cleaning Your Deck


Boost Curb Appeal

When your outdoor space is clean and free of mold and mildew, it contributes nicely to the overall appearance and feel of your home.


Raise Property Value

If you’re planning on selling your property in the near future, then soft washing can get your patio looking spotless and inviting to potential buyers.


Maximize Property Life

Soft washing preserves the wood, eliminating harmful mold, mildew, and other contaminants that deteriorate the wood over time and trap moisture on the surface.


Protect Your Health

Breathing in or coming in physical contact with mold, algae, and mildew can impact your health. Eliminate these so you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to Pressure Wash a Deck?

Pressure washing is not the best option for wooden patios as it can damage the surface and cause splintering and/or etching. Soft washing is the most suitable choice for this job.

How Much PSI is Needed to Clean a Deck?

If you have softer wood, such as cedar, redwood, or pine, then psi levels anywhere from 500-600 are best. However, for harder wood like oak, maple, and walnut, psi levels up to 1,500 are good.

Can I Stain a Dirty Deck?

In order for the material to stick and not lift, you must remove all dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and other matter from the surface. Your patio must be thoroughly cleaned before stain is applied.

When Should You Stain Your Porch?

The best way to determine whether your porch is due for another stain application is if you no longer see water beads on the surface when it’s wet. This means the stain has faded to the point where there is no longer moisture protection. You also may see signs of aging and contaminant buildup. We recommend staining once every couple of years for optimal results and an outdoor space that looks beautiful year-round.

How Long After Cleaning Can You Stain?

From 48-72 hours. If your porch gets direct sunlight for most of the day, 2 whole days should be sufficient before you apply sealant or stain. However, if your patio gets a lot of shade, which slows the drying process, we recommend you wait 3 days before staining. The wait will be worth it!

What Does it Cost to Stain?

While every job is different, a good range for staining is between $500 and a little over $1,000. However, much depends on the size of the patio and whether there is any pre-existing stain that needs to be removed. Call us for a more accurate estimate for your specific needs.