Discover 5 of The Biggest Reasons Why Pressure Washing Your Commercial Building is Vital


First impressions are everything. Your customers or patrons will likely make a snap judgement about the business(s) operating within the building and it will influence if and how much they spend.  This is why ensuring your commercial building always looks top notch is crucial. 

Build-up of dirt and other debris can cause both short-term and long-term damage to your building and business. This is why we highly suggest hiring a professional pressure washer to set up regular cleanings on your building. The knowledge and experience of a professional pressure washer will be safer, faster, help avoid any damage, and will save you money in the long run by not having to spend your time and money on renting or buying a pressure washer on your own. 

Pressure Washing Provides “Curb Appeal”


Having a building that looks and feels clean, draws positive attention to both employees and customers. When a customer comes to your place of business and immediately notices how clean and professional your business looks, they are that much more likely to want to do business with you. This will also help employees to feel more comfortable in their workplace environment.

Pressure Washing Prevents Costly Damage


With all the buildup of dirt and debris appearing on your building over the seasons, regular pressure washing can help prevent wear and tear on the building. For example:

  • Bird droppings are very acidic and can end up weakening your roof or gutters, possibly resulting in the roof to collapse or break. 
  • Brick may also begin to wear away from buildup of the dirt, mold or bird droppings. 
  • If dirt builds up, plants may also begin to grow. This means their root systems can begin to tear up the roof or other hard surfaces and create damage leaking. 
  • If rooftops are not properly cleaned, drains can also get clogged and on a flat rooftop water will accumulate and can be heavy enough to damage the structure of the building.

Without these regular cleanings, you can end up having the above unwanted maintenance costs that could have been prevented with relatively inexpensive cleanings.

Pressure Washing Protects From Injury & Negative Health Issues


With regular pressure washing you are eliminating substances such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, etc. Oftentimes items like this can contaminate the air, causing allergies, asthma or other sicknesses to your employees or customers. By eliminating these factors from your building, you are promoting good health for everyone around. 

Regular pressure washing will also eliminate dirt/debris on areas such as sidewalks, walkways or parking lots which if not cleaned properly (or ever), can create slip or fall hazards for customers and employees, which is always the most common workplace accident.

Pressure Washing Prolongs The Life of Your Building


Consistent pressure washing will help prolong the life of your commercial building because it helps remove dirt, grime and debris that can end up hiding structural problems. By consistently pressure washing the exterior of your commercial building it will help avoid any major structural damage and repainting expenses, therefore, helping to prolong the life of your building.

Pressure Washing Will Maintain Your Building’s Value


If you think you might ever consider selling or renting space in your building you will definitely want to ensure that your building is pressure washed on a regular basis. Not only will it save you money and time in the long run but having a clean and new looking building will enhance the properties value by showing future renters/sellers that you have taken good care of the building. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to keep up on the cleaning than to play catch up with big cleaning projects.

Article written by AJET Services

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