Discover Three Unique & Random Facts You Might Not Know About Burlington, Kentucky

Let’s talk about our home, Burlington, Kentucky. There are many interesting facts about our hometown, and whether you live here or are planning to visit, you might enjoy learning about what makes this suburban town in northern Kentucky (NKY) unique. In this article, we discuss some fun facts both about Burlington and the entire state of Kentucky. Let’s see how well you know Kentucky!

Our Home: Burlington, KY

Kentucky: The Bluegrass State

Fun Fact #1: Kentucky’s nickname is the Bluegrass State! It was officially given this name in the 1960s because of the type of grass, “bluegrass,” that is found in many parts of the state. Bluegrass transitions from green to bluish-purple in the spring when it produces beautiful blue and purple buds. The Bluegrass Region, which is primarily in northern Kentucky, has a lot of farmland because the soil is perfect for pasture raising. This region is also home to a lot of horse farms and the famous Kentucky Derby!

Who Was Mary Draper Ingles?

Fun Fact #2: If you visit the Boone County Public Library in Burlington, you’ll see a bronze statue of a woman outside in the front. The plaque introduces her as Mary Draper Ingles. Who was she and what is her significance in Burlington? She was a courageous woman who escaped from Shawnee capture after she was kidnapped from her home in Virginia along with her sons, Thomas and George. She was brought to Big Bone Lick right here in Boone County where she was forced into slavery to make salt. A few months later, she made her famous escape back home, which was 500-600 miles long along rivers and difficult terrain! This journey took her and her companion several months, and sometime around December 1755, they made it back home. Mary Draper Ingles continues to inspire and captivate people to this day. She will continue to be remembered as a heroine who was no stranger to difficulties and the need for endurance.

A Historic Site: Rabbit Hash

Fun Fact #3: If you’re looking for a small town with some unique history and personality, look no further than Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, located only about 12 miles southwest of Burlington. This town’s name dates back to the flood of 1847 that caused the local rabbit population to flee to higher ground, which resulted in them being used in “hash,” a popular stew at the time. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003, Rabbit Hash continues to draw in visitors today. It’s home to a little over 300 residents and is composed of 330 acres. Go visit the Rabbit Hash General Store; the Verona Vineyards; and the local BBQ spot, The Scalded Hog!

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