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Are you tired of cracked, chipped, and ugly concrete? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Curb Appeal Pros provides the best epoxy floor coatings service in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our experienced team is dedicated to crafting the perfect surface for your garage or commercial building. Whether it’s a new installation or a repair, we offer exceptional quality. And we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Benefits of Epoxy Coatings in Hamilton County

    • Creates a tough, impact-resistant layer
    • Leaves a beautiful glossy finish
    • Ideal for demanding environments
    • Conceals imperfections
    • Low-maintenance
    Epoxy Floor Coatings Cincinnati Ohio

    Why Epoxy is the Perfect Flooring Solution for You!

    Old concrete is hard to keep clean and looking nice. It’s prone to stains, cracks, and chips. The solution? An epoxy coating. The liquid-to-solid process creates a strong, stain-resistant, and versatile area that’s suitable for most commercial and residential environments.

    Why is this treatment such a popular choice for homeowners and business owners in Cincinnati, Ohio? They’re a great way to protect surfaces without losing the look of the original material or having to pay for expensive tile work. And they can be used in just about any situation where you need durability and a professional look.

    What Does it Cost?

    Replacing old floors can be expensive! You have to pay to remove old material, buy new material, and have it installed. This service is a more affordable option because you don’t have to worry about removing, installing, and purchasing flooring. Instead, this treatment will give your current floor a whole new look!

    How Long Will It Last?

    Newly applied, this treatment can last 10 to 20 years, and possibly longer with professional maintenance! It will save you money on the frequent repairs and replacements you’d have to do with a surface that’s more easily damaged.

    Types of Floors That Could Use an Epoxy Coating

    Are you tough on your garage or commercial building? If the area sees a lot of heat, oil, spills, and wear and tear from car movement, you should consider applying this tough and durable layer of protection. If you’ve ever used floor paint in a demanding environment, you know it’s quick to chip, peel, and wear away. But this treatment doesn’t have that problem! It acts as a shield against contaminants and damages. Where should you apply this treatment?

    • Garages
    • Auto mechanic shops
    • Hospitals
    • Industrial environments
    • Sports facilities
    • And More!

    Our Process


    Our installers will make sure your garage is clean and ready for a new coat of paint.

    Whether it’s peeling, sticky, or otherwise damaged, our crew can handle it all with precision and ease. We specialize in concrete coatings but have experience working on other surfaces too!


    After surface grinding, our technicians will chase all unsightly cracks, clean off remaining contaminants, and repair any other minor damage.


    We use high-quality, long-lasting ingredients that won’t easily wear or fade. And we apply several coats to give your surface the shine and durability you’re looking for.

    How to Clean Garage Coatings – It’s Easy!


    After getting this service, you might wonder, how do I keep it clean? Do I need a special cleaning solution? Not at all. With mild soap and a mop, or broom, you can clean the surface with minimal effort. This is especially useful during the winter when your car and shoes are tracking in salt and muck from the roads and sidewalks. Cleaning your garage doesn’t get easier than that.

    What about car oil spills and rust stains? Do you remember how these contaminants seemed to embed themselves in your old concrete surface? Since this treatment repels those elements, it will make cleaning up spills and stains quick and easy.

    Top Garage Floor Coating Companies Near Me


    The Curb Appeal Pros offer professional quality garage coatings in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. If you want a powerful shield against oils, spills, and more, try epoxy! This treatment will make the area look nicer, and keep it protected for years to come. Give us a call today, we’d be happy to help.

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    Custom Epoxy Floor Coating Cincinnati, Ohio

    Our epoxy garage coatings in Cincinnati are customized to meet the needs of every individual building and garage. Some of our clients have older concrete, so we use a custom blend to match the color and look as closely as possible.

    If you’re curious about what this service can do for your property – get in touch with us today!

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