How COVID-19 is Affecting Students in Burlington, KY

As the second wave of the coronavirus ramps up throughout the country, Boone County, KY, like many other counties throughout the state, is seeing a spike in cases. Just yesterday, there were over 530 new reported cases in the county alone for a total of just under 9,500 since the start of the pandemic. 

Although vaccines have arrived in the county, businesses and schools in Burlington, KY and nearby towns still have to take strict safety precautions to protect local residents, especially since many who have a lower health risk have to wait several months before receiving the vaccine. 

Coronavirus Restrictions On Burlington Businesses

Businesses, including restaurants and schools, have had to and continue to make serious adjustments. Back in November, 2020, the governor prohibited in-person dining, which really impacted local restaurants. He then instituted a relief fund for the restaurants and bars that were hit particularly hard from the restrictions.

So, What About The Boone County School System?

Schools throughout Boone County and in Burlington have had to be flexible in their plans for the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year. As winter break ends, the school system is concerned about increased spreading of the virus if students were to return to school in person. 

To lower the chance of the virus spreading among the thousands of students and faculty members, the board has decided that after winter break, students will receive virtual instruction for two weeks. After this period, they plan to use a hybrid system where students are split into two groups that are each assigned to different days to go to school for in-person learning. Then, by mid-March, they hope to have all students return for four-day school weeks. Of course, since COVID-19 is leaving everyone very much uncertain about what the near future will be like, the board will need to continue being flexible and make changes as needed.  

Burlington families are having to make big decisions on how their children receive instruction. Virtual schooling can be extremely difficult, not only for the students but also for the parents and guardians of those students. However, with the pandemic getting worse, many parents want their children to learn from the safety of their home. That’s why the Boone County school system is allowing families to request either in-person or virtual instruction for their students. 

This pandemic truly is affecting everyone in different ways.

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