Pressure Washing Newport KY aquarium

Aquatic Life from the Depths Below

The Newport Aquarium in Kentucky is a wonderful place to go if you’re hoping to see some amazing aquatic life. It’s located on the Ohio River, and has six different galleries with more than 25,000 animals from all over the world! You can explore everything from coral reefs to tide pools. There are many events going on throughout the year, including feeding demonstrations and animal encounters. If you’re looking for something fun to do this summer – or any time of year – then head down to this fascinating aquarium!

What This Aquarium is About

The Newport Aquarium has a rich history. It was founded in 1981 and is the only inland aquarium between Chicago and Atlanta! They are known for being an animal care facility, as well as home to one of the largest free-flight aviaries in North America.

Explore The Exciting World Below

Some of the creatures you can see are a Galapagos tortoise, Moorish geese, freshwater stingrays and a seahorse. There are also exhibits for otters, crocodiles and alligators!

The Newport Aquarium is open year-round with extended hours during the summer months. If you visit in wintertime, then there will be limited activities such as feeding demonstrations

Cross the Shark Bridge, If You Dare

Shark bridge is the world’s first elevated walkway over a shark tank!

The bridge starts at eye level and gradually descends to the upper deck of the Shark Realm, where you can see sharks swimming below your feet. The bridge takes you over Newport Aquarium’s Shark Tank Overlook, one of the country’s largest open air tank.

As you walk across Shark Bridge, be sure to look up at the ceiling and walls of this amazing aquarium! These surfaces are covered with decorative rockwork from New England quarries such as Quincy Granite Company in Massachusetts.

Get An Exclusive Tour of the Seas

The Newport Aquarium offers a behind-the-scenes tour. Visitors can explore some of the exhibits from an animal’s perspective and also see how animals are cared for in the veterinary center, research laboratory and nursery. This exhibit will allow you to see the Shark Tank, Coral Reef Tank, and Amazon River Tank.

Penguin Palooza in the Middle of KY

This exhibit is the home to one of the most diverse collections of penguins on the planet! Come and see these exotic animals in the heart of Newport, Kentucky. This tour is for anyone who has ever wanted to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. You’ll also be able to feed them a fish snack, learn about their habitat or even go behind-the-scenes in Penguin Palooza’s feeding room where you can watch firsthand how they are fed.

Come and See the World of the Seas

After hearing what the aquarium has to offer, how can you pass up a visit? And there is so much more to explore than what we’ve covered! If you are ever in the Newport region , make sure to stop at the Newport Aquarium and get up close with some of nature’s most intelligent animals.

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