Cincinnati, Ohio is a great city with lots of interesting history! Are you curious about the origins of some of Cincy’s nicknames? And why is baseball such a big deal here? Read on to find out five facts you might not have known about Cincinnati.

4 Cincinnati Nicknames Explained


Why is Cincinnati called Porkopolis? Because there were pigs. Everywhere. Anyone who visited Cincy in the early years were often shocked by the sheer number of wild hogs running around. So, naturally, the city became a large producer of pork products.

“Queen City”

Cincinnati was called the Queen City because of its early explosion in growth and how quickly it became a center for commerce, art, and more. The nickname was cemented by a reporter in the Inquisitor and Cincinnati Advertiser. And even the poet Henry Longfellow described her as “The Queen of the West.”

“The Naptown”

Naptown Cincinnati is a nickname for Union Terminal, which has been called one of America’s most graceful buildings. It’s also where Amtrak trains stop.

“The City of Seven Hills”

Cincinnati is also known as the city of seven hills, because it’s perched on top of a large hill right next to the Ohio River. The name comes from early settlers who thought they were surrounded by mountains and valleys.

The History of America’s Favorite Sport

What does Cincinnati have to do with the history of baseball? The game existed as an amateur sport. But Cincinnati took it to the next level. The first known professional baseball game was played in Cincinnati in 1869. So you could say that America’s pastime was founded here.

Some famous baseball players who are also Cincinnati locals are Johnny Bench, the first Cincinnati Red, and Pete Rose.

Home of the Bengals and Reds

Cincinnati is one of only two cities to claim major league baseball, football, and soccer teams. The Cincinnati Reds are part of Major League Baseball’s National League Central Division while FC Cincinnati plays in the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Eastern Conference.

Best City for Young Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for a great place to start your own business. Then look no further than Cincinnati. It was ranked as the #13 best city in America for young entrepreneurs by Business Insider, and a recent study from The Economist found that it has one of the strongest economies among American cities with populations under 300,000 people.

Cincinnati and the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a route that African-Americans would take to escape slavery in the south. Cincinnati has been described as being “a very happening town” when it comes to helping slaves make their way north and is one of the cities listed on an 1850 map of safe havens that was found in 1872.

In Cincinnati, there is an African-American Heritage Museum that documents the history of slavery and the struggle for freedom. The museum includes a “freedom trail” where you can see points from the Underground Railroad as well as learn about how slaves were treated before emancipation.

Cincinnatians Love Their Chili

Our city is home to some of the best chili you’ll ever find. The International Chili Society has been hosting it’s World Championship in Cincinnati since 1976, and there are more restaurants serving chili here than anywhere else in America.

Cincinnati, OH is our home and we love everything about it from its quirky pork history to its delicious chili! Enjoy exploring our unique city!

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